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JRNAF: Listserv




JRNAF is coordinated by the Governor's Office of Planning & Budget

The purpose of the list is to provide the Jordan River Natural Areas Forum members and participants a means to send messages to one another without having to go through an administrator. Anyone may join the list and the link to join will be posted on our website.

Regarding content of messages, anything “JRNAF” related is fair game. At this point, we see no need to monitor the communications. All of you have been very conscientious in the past. If we find it necessary, we can change this to a monitored list.

The listserv has three different addresses.

If you or your colleagues would like to subscribe to the list have them send a blank message to Or subscribe using the following form:

Email address:
(required) Your name:
 List address: This is the address you use to send a message to the entire group. This message will be distributed to all people who join the listserv. This is known as "sending mail to the list."

LISTSERV addresses:
To unsubscribe from the list send a blank message to

ONE CAUTION! This list includes anyone who is interested in JRNAF communications. It is not limited to JRNAF members. If you want to send a message to members only, send it to Mike Hansen and/or Brian Carver and ask them to forward it to JRNAF members.

For any problems with the list contact Mike, Brian or Mark

Thanks and happy messaging!