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Forest Service Project PageAshley, Dixie, Fishlake & Manti-La Sal National Forests
Forest Plan Revision
Social and Economic Assessment

Forest plans on the National Forests within Utah are revised every 10 to 15 years to incorporate changes in the natural environment, new scientific understanding, social trends, and new laws and policies. In an effort to provide a fresh approach to forest resource planning, the Planning Section, in cooperation with the Demographic and Economic Analysis Section of GOPB, has been exploring new methods of encouraging collaboration between Forest managers and the communities that make use of the Forest resources through the development of the Social and Economic Assessment portions of the current Forest Plan Revisions for the Dixie, Fishlake, and Manti-La Sal National Forests.

JRNAF Project PageJordan River Natural Areas Forum

The Jordan River plays a prominent historical and ecological role as the only major waterway through the Salt Lake Valley. The Jordan River Natural Areas Forum (JRNAF) is a partnership of agencies and advocacy groups that coordinate protection and preservation efforts along the river. JRNAF encourages the development of a holistic perspective of issues related to the river. GOPB continues to facilitate the important work of this group.

Forest Service Project PageUtah Tomorrow State Strategic Plan

Utah Tomorrow is a broad-based, ongoing strategic planning effort.  Utah Tomorrow establishes a broad vision statement, specific agreed-upon goals and objectives, and performance measres to guage progress toward the goals.  The Utah Tomorrow Strategic Planning Committee was created in the 1990 Legislature.  Committee members come from the Legislature and Executive Branch.



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GOPB has recently completed work on the County Resource Management Planning Toolkit.

A number of state agencies have been involved to date, but the project needs to be reviewed by local planners and practitioners.

- Mike Hansen, GOPB