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Planning Grants

The State of Utah encourages communities to plan for future growth needs, and to minimize spending on public infrastructure and services. Planning grants are offered to communities committed to exploring the efficient use of land and the efficient expansion of infrastructure and public services. Where communities share boundaries, cooperative planning between jurisdictions is encouraged to avoid land development decisions based on competition and haste. (more)

Considering the financial investment on the State's part, one would be hard-pressed to find a program that yields the kind of return on its investment as do planning grants. It “pays” to be proactive.

Planning grants are available now! Submit letters of interest by June 16, 06. (more)
Click here to view the funding criteria for:
* County Resource Management Planning
* Critical Lands Planning
* Quality Growth Planning

GOPB Funded Projects by Year

To review an extensive list of planning grant projects and review the reach of this program, select a year and a community.

1999 Grants
2000 Grants
2001 Grants

Planning Grant Inventory 2003
The Planning Grant Inventory consists of two primary components. The planning grant summary and planning grant survey. The summary provides an overview of the project and compares it to the Quality Growth Principles that have been adopted by the Utah Quality Growth Commission. The survey evaluates what has been accomplished to date and how the plan, project or survey has impacted the community.

Planning Grant Summary
Planning Grant Inventory

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