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The Governor's Office of Planning and Budget is responsible for managing and administering the following programs:

Quality Growth Communities
The Quality Growth Communities program is a voluntary, technically-assisted program that is intended to provide priority access to state funds and other incentives in order to promote responsible and intelligent growth.
Planning Grants
The State of Utah encourages communities to plan for the future. Planning grants are offered to communities committed to exploring the efficient use of land and the efficient expansion of infrastructure.
21st Century Communities
The 21st Century Communities program is intended to assist rural leaders to prepare Utah for unprecedented population, create new jobs and reduce unemployment, diversify rural economies, and protect quality of life.
LeRay McAllister Critical Land Conservation Fund
The LeRay McAllister Critical Land Conservation Fund is an incentive program providing grants to encourage communities and landowners to work together to conserve their critical lands.


Support the continued funding for Planning Grants by e-mailing your State Legislature and/or Representative by going to your specific region on the homepage.

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2003 Planning Grant Inventory
Quality Growth Communities Planning Grants 21st Century Communities LeRay McAllister  

Completed in 2003, the Planning Grant Inventory consists of two primary components. The planning grant summary and planning grant survey. The summary provides an overview of the project and compares it to the Quality Growth Principles that have been adopted by the Utah Quality Growth Commission. The survey evaluates what has been accomplished to date and how the plan, project or survey has impacted the community.

Planning Grant Summary
Planning Grant Inventory