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Quality Growth Commission

In order to address the challenges and opportunities growth brings to Utah, the Legislature passed the Quality Growth Act of 1999. This Act directed the Governor's Office of Planning and Budget to provide administrative support to the Utah Quality Growth Commission (QGC).

Though the Commission holds no regulatory authority, it does have responsibilities in three broad areas:

·       Provide local governments with planning assistance, training, and incentives for implementation of quality growth principles and initiatives.

·       Administer the LeRay McAllister Critical Land Conservation Fund.

·       Recommend Principles of Quality Growth, how to define Quality Growth Areas, and advise the Legislature and Governor on growth management issues.

Current information on Commission accomplishments can also be found in their annual report to the Legislature and on the Commission's Home Page.
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Enabling Act
Meeting Agenda
Meeting Minutes

Quality Growth programs are administered by the Governor's Office of Planning & Budget. A list of these programs are listed below. You can learn more about these programs by clicking a program box to the left.

Planning Grants
LeRay McAllister Conservation Fund
Quality Growth Communities

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