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Quality Growth Communities - Program Overview

The Quality Growth Communities program is a voluntary, technically-assisted program that is intended to provide priority access to state funds and other incentives in order to promote responsible and intelligent growth. Benefits will be available to communities that are certified as “Quality Growth Communities,” or to special districts, transit districts, and other service providers certified as “Quality Growth Service Providers”.

A Quality Growth Community recognizes the impact it has on neighboring communities and seeks to cooperate to solve common problems while protecting private property rights. To become certified, a community must be engaged in an enhanced community planning process, including working closely with neighboring communities on areas of common concern.

A Quality Growth Community creates a responsible balance between the protection of natural resources — land, air, and water — and the requisite development of residential, commercial, and industrial land to accommodate our expanding economy and population. Addressing issues that threaten our quality of life today, will allow Utahns to strategically plan for a more promising tomorrow. (more-program details)

Quality Growth Community Benefits

Certification provides recognition and entitles communities or service providers to receive access to state funds and other incentives, either on a preferred basis or on preferred terms.
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Additional Information

Quality Growth Communities FAQs
Quality Growth Communities Summary

Getting Designated (download application)

Designation is voluntary and incentive based. To be certified, a community must plan for, and address issues regarding the following: Economic Development, Infrastructure, Housing, and Conservation of Critical Lands

Application Coversheet
Application Checklist
Application Form and Evaluation Criteria
Download Program Definitions & Requirements

The Quality Growth Commission is responsible for making the final designation.

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